Attorneys: A History of Helpfulness

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Attorneys: A History of Helpfulness

Attorneys in our day are often called bottom feeders, ambulance chasers or worse. I am an attorney in private practice, and it is my mission to show you that the law is a calling filled with noble and enthusiastic people who are doing the job to help others. The law can be incredibly confusion, and it seems to change drastically day by day. Attorneys are there to help clients navigate the murky waters of legal issues and find the most appropriate solution to problems they face. So don't think of a lawyer as the bad guys. Lawyers help people, and this blog will teach you how.

Important Steps Involved With Estate Planning

Your estate plan is a set of legal tools and instructions that help plan your future, primarily with what happens after your death. In an estate plan, you can use a lot of different tools to meet your goals, and it is important to understand that everyone has different goals and needs when planning their estate. Here are some of the most common steps of estate planning, though. You may want to evaluate some or all of these further as you begin planning your estate. Read More 

The Process That Occurs After A Probation Violation

If you are currently serving a probation sentence as a consequence of a criminal charge, you might be very worried about your future if you violate any term of your probation. If you violate your probation, you will have to go through a legal process that generally involves four steps. Step 1: Get arrested The first step in the process typically involves an arrest. When you break probation by committing a crime, you will likely be placed under arrest for your actions. Read More 

3 Ways To Make Sure Your Trucking Accident Case Is Successful

After a trucking accident, filing a successful case in court can help you recoup your losses, hold the truck driver or other responsible parties responsible for their part in the accident, and more. You could be worried that your case is not going to be successful because you might have heard of others having trouble with car or trucking accident cases. Of course, you cannot guarantee that your case will be successful, but you can take action to help improve your chances. Read More 

Getting A Divorce? What You Need To Know

Getting a divorce is more common than you may realize. Somewhere between 40 and 50 percent of American couples end up divorcing. While divorce is common, it can also often be a painful and difficult process for some. Even if your divorce is amicable, getting it over with as soon as possible is often the goal. That being said, the process of divorcing can be confusing and difficult to navigate. If you are getting a divorce, here are three things that you should know. Read More 

5 Reasons You Need A Workers Compensation Attorney

If you're unable to work due to a workplace injury or illness, it can totally change your life. You may worry about how you will carry on with your routine or pay your bills. Filing for workers compensation can allow you to get the funds you need to get well again and start over. When you go through this legal process, it can be confusing and complex. It's in your best interest to hire an attorney from the start so you're not guessing your way through the experience. Read More