Attorneys: A History of Helpfulness

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Attorneys: A History of Helpfulness

Attorneys in our day are often called bottom feeders, ambulance chasers or worse. I am an attorney in private practice, and it is my mission to show you that the law is a calling filled with noble and enthusiastic people who are doing the job to help others. The law can be incredibly confusion, and it seems to change drastically day by day. Attorneys are there to help clients navigate the murky waters of legal issues and find the most appropriate solution to problems they face. So don't think of a lawyer as the bad guys. Lawyers help people, and this blog will teach you how.

5 Reasons You Need A Workers Compensation Attorney

If you're unable to work due to a workplace injury or illness, it can totally change your life. You may worry about how you will carry on with your routine or pay your bills. Filing for workers compensation can allow you to get the funds you need to get well again and start over. When you go through this legal process, it can be confusing and complex. It's in your best interest to hire an attorney from the start so you're not guessing your way through the experience. Read More 

When Should You Meet with a Labor Lawyer?

Labor lawyers are often associated with unions, a perception that's fed by the depiction of the involvement with strikes on the news. While it's certainly the case that unionized groups like teachers and police officers do frequently retain labor law services firms as counsel, they're not the only folks who seek such counsel. Employers also often choose to hire labor lawyers. Similarly, the field often overlaps with employment law. If you're curious what such an attorney can do for you, let's take a look at some of their most common types of cases. Read More 

3 Things You Should Know If You Get Charged With A DUI

Getting arrested for anything is never fun, and fortunately, it's an experience that most Americans never need to go through. Unfortunately, even people who are normally law-abiding citizens can still inadvertently find themselves on the wrong side of the law. A perfect example is being pulled over by a police officer who subsequently decides you are driving under the influence. Here is what you should know if you ever find yourself in this situation. Read More