Attorneys: A History of Helpfulness

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Attorneys: A History of Helpfulness

Attorneys in our day are often called bottom feeders, ambulance chasers or worse. I am an attorney in private practice, and it is my mission to show you that the law is a calling filled with noble and enthusiastic people who are doing the job to help others. The law can be incredibly confusion, and it seems to change drastically day by day. Attorneys are there to help clients navigate the murky waters of legal issues and find the most appropriate solution to problems they face. So don't think of a lawyer as the bad guys. Lawyers help people, and this blog will teach you how.

What To Expect From An Initial Consultation With A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you're looking to file a personal injury lawsuit, then certainly you'll want an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side every step of the way. Before you decide on hiring just any personal injury lawyer, however, you'll want to schedule an initial consultation. This will give you an opportunity to find out more about what the lawyer can do for you while also giving him or her the chance to learn more about your case. Knowing what to expect from an initial consultation before you schedule one can help you prepare.

The Consultation Should Be Free

First and foremost, charging for consultations is a thing of the past; if a lawyer tries to charge you money for the initial legal consultation, look elsewhere. Any consultation should be seen by the lawyer as an opportunity to gain a new client and thus should be free of charge. Furthermore, consultations should be provided under no obligation, so it should be understood between you and the lawyer that you may choose to leave or pursue counsel from another lawyer at any point. A consultation on its own isn't a binding agreement by any means.

The Lawyer Needs to Start with the Facts

Furthermore, understand that an injury lawyer from a firm like Rella, Paolini & Rogers will need to start with the undisputed facts of the case. For example, if you've been involved in a car accident, the lawyer may need to see photos of the accident scene, a police report from the date of the accident, and statements from your insurance company before deciding what kind of angle should be taken on the case. Therefore, you'll want to be sure to bring along as much official documentation as you can find that pertains to your case.

You May Be Asked to Sign Paperwork

Finally, after the lawyer has reviewed your case, presented a possible game plan, and gone over his or her fee schedule, there's a good chance that he or she will want you to sign an official agreement towards the end of the consultation. Understand, however, that you don't need to sign anything if you're not ready. You may wish to consult with multiple injury lawyers before you make a decision as to which one you want to represent you, so don't let a lawyer pressure you into an agreement.

By knowing what to expect from an initial consultation with an injury lawyer, you'll ultimately be able to make the choice that's best for your unique case.