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3 Facts You Should Know About The Role Of An Accelerant Detection Canine And Its Handler After A Suspicious Fire

Given the success of drug and bomb sniffing dogs in recent years, it only makes sense that the superior scenting abilities of canines can be used in other applications. One recent example is seen in the fire evaluation and arson detection fields, which permit a properly trained canine to look for and find traces of accelerant. Since the presence of an accelerant often indicates that a fire was deliberately set, the canine and the person who is in charge of that canine play a crucial role in determining the causes of a fire and when applicable, finding the responsible party. Therefore, if you've ever wondered why a dog and law enforcement officer or firefighter are wandering around your property that has been recently involved in a fire, you will benefit from having the following information.

#1-Accelerant Detection Canines Are Trained, Responsible Dogs Who Focus On Their Work And Handlers

It is first necessary to remember that a working accelerant detection canine is likely to be very different from the dogs you have owned or cared for. For instance, many dogs are excluded from joining that elite field of investigators due to being overly friendly, easily distracted or simply because their sense of smell is not as good as it needs to be in that career field. They must be very professional and receive extensive training over a significant period of time to guarantee long-term retention of their abilities. 

Therefore, just as with a seeing-eye-dog in the store or drug-sniffing dog at the airport, an accelerant detection canine is a working dog and it's best to allow it to do its job without interference. In addition, you will usually find that the dog exclusively or primarily responds to its handler as the result of the training that both parties were required to complete. That handler will typically be a firefighter or law enforcement officer.     

#2-The Dog And Its Handler Spend The Bulk Of Their Time Together, So You Can Trust The Dog 

The superior training that the canine and owner undergo before being allowed to work extends to the behavior and habits of the dog. That means that if you, your child or someone for whom you are responsible for tend to be a bitter leery around dogs, it might be helpful to know that the working dog at the site of a fire can be regarded as law enforcement or firefighting dogs, in lieu of the aggressive dogs you might be nervous about.  

Part of their training includes ignoring outside influences, including people, treats, etc. in favor of completing their work. When the canine finds an accelerant, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, butane, etc. he or she will stop in the area to alert its handler and will then be awarded by that person for their completed task.    

#3-Just Because You See The Dog In The Affected Area, Don't Think You Can Enter     

You should be aware that it's not common to be permitted to enter a recent area that has been affected by fire without the permission or accompaniment of an authorized person. If you are thinking about sneaking in to see if you can save any of your belongings or to watch the dog work, it's not safe or appropriate for you to do so.

In some instances, you might even face criminal charges due to your unapproved field trip. It's also possible that you might accidentally interfere with the scene of the fire.     

In conclusion, an accelerant detection canine and its handler are often responsible for determining the cause of suspicious fires, which can then impact whether an insurance claim can be paid or criminal charges for arson might be appropriate. As a result, you should not be surprised to see them investigating the area where a fire has recently occurred and the above facts can make it easier to understand the role of the canine and handler when there are questions as to the cause of or exacerbation of a fire.   

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