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Attorneys: A History of Helpfulness

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Addressing The Most Commonly Asked Question: What Are The Chances Of Being Approved For Social Security Disability?

The most common question involving Social Security Disability claims is addressing what the chances of approval might be. While the answer to this question is not so cut and dry since there are many different variables in each different case, there are some steps you can take to make the chances of approval a bit more plausible. Here's what you can do:

  • Proof of Disability: The first thing you want to be sure to do is gather proof of disability coming from within five years of when you were last working under the Social Security System. You can do this by gathering the information of when you retired or quit your position along with the medical statement that stated when your injury was addressed and treated by a doctor. 
  • Proof of Inability to Work: Aside from being able to prove your disability, you need to be able to prove why this disability has lead to you being unable to gain employment both now and in the future. Statements from your doctor along with records of physical therapy can help with this process. 

Aside from providing proof, there are some factors that are out of your control, which include:

  • Age: Generally, older people are more likely to be approved since injuries are more likely to cause long-term abilities in those who are older versus those who are younger and have a higher chance of getting better. 
  • Education Level: Those with a lower educational level are also more likely to get approved because the number of jobs that they can qualify for working with their disability is much younger than a person who has a high education level and is more likely able to learn skills to obtain a job that is suitable for their injury. 
  • Work History: Finally, a person who had a physical job is more likely to get approved since physical labor will not be a job that they can obtain again due to their disability. Since their experience in the working field is physical labor, their lack of experience in other positions can make finding another job challenging. 

Now that you know some of the factors in getting approved for Social Security Disability, you can be sure that the factors in which you have more control over can help you. Be sure to hire a Social Security Disability attorney, such as from Horn & Kelley, PC Attorneys at Law, as well to ensure you are taking all of the correct steps in getting approved.