Attorneys: A History of Helpfulness

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Attorneys: A History of Helpfulness

Attorneys in our day are often called bottom feeders, ambulance chasers or worse. I am an attorney in private practice, and it is my mission to show you that the law is a calling filled with noble and enthusiastic people who are doing the job to help others. The law can be incredibly confusion, and it seems to change drastically day by day. Attorneys are there to help clients navigate the murky waters of legal issues and find the most appropriate solution to problems they face. So don't think of a lawyer as the bad guys. Lawyers help people, and this blog will teach you how.

Getting A Divorce? What You Need To Know

Getting a divorce is more common than you may realize. Somewhere between 40 and 50 percent of American couples end up divorcing. While divorce is common, it can also often be a painful and difficult process for some. Even if your divorce is amicable, getting it over with as soon as possible is often the goal. That being said, the process of divorcing can be confusing and difficult to navigate. If you are getting a divorce, here are three things that you should know.

Laws Vary From State to State

If you and your partner have decided to go your separate ways, the first thing that you should be aware of is that divorce laws can vary significantly from state to state. Many states have residency requirements, meaning that you must have lived in the state for a certain amount of time before filing for divorce. In 26 states, you will need to have resided in that state for at least six months. Other states only require that you live in the state for 60 to 90 days. Three states—Alaska, South Dakota, and Washington—have no residency requirements for divorce.

Uncontested is Faster

Splitting up property, coming up with custody agreements, and other aspects of a divorce can be difficult to tackle. These issues can be emotional and difficult to solve. However, it's important to note that an uncontested divorce is faster and easier than a contested divorce. Coming up with a plan for splitting marital assets and deciding on a custody agreement beforehand can make the process of divorce faster and smoother. If you are having trouble agreeing, mediation may help. Mediation costs between $160 and $230 per hour on average and can help you come up with an agreement before filing.

A Divorce Attorney Can Help

Many feel that they only need divorce attorney services if their divorce turns ugly. However, a divorce attorney can be extremely helpful even for the most amicable of divorces. An attorney will ensure that the paperwork is filled out and that the divorce happens as quickly and easily as possible. A divorce attorney can also give you advice on the best way to file. On average, a divorce attorney costs around $250 per hour. Many attorneys will charge a flat rate, especially for uncontested divorces.

If you are getting a divorce, there are a few things that you should know. First, laws can vary significantly from state to state when it comes to divorce. Uncontested divorces are nearly always faster and cheaper than contested divorces. Even if you are divorcing amicably, a divorce attorney can be very helpful.