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Attorneys: A History of Helpfulness

Attorneys in our day are often called bottom feeders, ambulance chasers or worse. I am an attorney in private practice, and it is my mission to show you that the law is a calling filled with noble and enthusiastic people who are doing the job to help others. The law can be incredibly confusion, and it seems to change drastically day by day. Attorneys are there to help clients navigate the murky waters of legal issues and find the most appropriate solution to problems they face. So don't think of a lawyer as the bad guys. Lawyers help people, and this blog will teach you how.

Top Signs That Your DWI Might Be A More Serious Case

In any situation when you're accused of drinking and driving, it's important for you to take the case seriously. However, some cases are more serious than others. These are a few signs that your DWI might be a serious case in which you require legal assistance.

You Have Been Convicted of Drinking and Driving Before

Depending on the state that you are facing charges in, there is a chance that you are facing more serious consequences if you have been convicted of a DWI in the past. Although you might think you know what to expect after being arrested for a DWI in the past, things might be much more different if you have received a second or subsequent DWI. Talk to a DWI attorney about the laws in your state that relate to receiving multiple convictions and to get help with your case.

You Had a Child in the Car at the Time

Some states have laws in place that relate to having children in the car when being arrested for drinking and driving. You could be facing additional charges or more serious penalties because of this. You might also have to worry about child custody issues or other similar problems. If you are a parent, you might be incredibly worried about how your relationship with your children and your custody of your children could be impacted. You might also be worried about facing additional jail time or other serious consequences. An attorney can provide you with guidance and can help you with dealing with your case.

You Were Involved in an Accident

If you were involved in a car accident when you were arrested for a DWI, then it is important to think about the added issues that could go along with the accident. You might be facing additional charges, and your DWI could be taken more seriously in court. You might even have to worry about lawsuits and other similar issues, particularly if major damage was done or if someone was injured in the accident. You probably will not want to navigate this type of legal situation without the help of an attorney.

No matter what the circumstances that surround your DWI might be, it's important for you to take the case seriously. This means that you should hire a DWI attorney to help you. However, if any of the things above are true, it's even more important to hire an experienced attorney so that you can handle your serious case in the best way possible.