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Attorneys: A History of Helpfulness

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Don't Let These Common Myths Stop You From Calling A Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

There are quite a few common myths out there concerning the services of motor vehicle accident lawyers. Unfortunately, far too many people miss out on the benefits that come along with retaining a lawyer simply because they accept these myths as fact. Thankfully you can avoid making this same mistake by taking the time to learn the truth behind these myths. 

The Myth: Hiring An Accident Lawyer Will Result In You Walking Away With Less Money

The Fact: While it is true that an accident lawyer will be entitled to a portion of any settlement they secure on your behalf, this does not mean you will be walking away with less money in your pocket. This is because individuals who choose to hire a lawyer to represent them are typically able to secure much larger settlements than individuals who choose to settle on their own with the insurance company. Consequently, even after you deduct the cost of legal fees from your settlement, you should expect to walk away with more cash in your pocket when hiring a lawyer versus settling on your own.

The Myth: Hiring A Lawyer Will Prevent You From Quickly Settling Issues Of Property Damage

The Fact: Many people understandably worry about their ability to quickly get their car repaired or replaced after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Since cases that are handled by a lawyer can take longer to settle than cases that are settled directly with the insurance company, many people believe that this means they will need to wait even longer to get back on the road if they choose to seek representation. However, the truth is that hiring a lawyer to represent you in your personal injury claim will have no impact on your ability to quickly settle the property damage portion of your claim. This is because each of these issues actually represents an independent claim with the insurance company. Therefore it is possible to settle your property damage claim without interfering with your legal right to seek representation for your personal injury claim.

The Myth: A Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Won't Be Able To Help If You Were Assigned Fault 

The Fact: It is quite common for both of the drivers who were involved in an accident to be assigned a portion of the fault for causing the accident. When it comes to the legal right to seek compensation for your injuries, the standard is that you cannot be found to be more than 50% at fault for causing the accident that resulted in these injuries. As long as the other driver is assigned the majority of the fault, you can legally file a claim for compensation and a motor vehicle accident lawyer can assist you in pursuing this claim. 

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