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Attorneys: A History of Helpfulness

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3 Crucial Documents You Need To Carry To Your Appointment With A Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be legally, emotionally, and financially draining because it leaves you with permanent changes that you must contend with. One notable one is making new living arrangements and adopting a new lifestyle. If you want to lessen the stress that comes with this process, have legal counsel in your corner. A divorce attorney will help you navigate the process, gather all the required documents, and get a favorable outcome. When attending your appointment with these professionals, here are three crucial documents you shouldn't forget to carry. 

1. Prenuptial Agreements

The purpose of the prenuptial agreement is to establish a negotiated set of rights and obligations that governs property ownership and management when a marriage dissolves. Prenups can also be used to manage debts, protect a wealthier spouse from being left destitute after years of marriage, and establish proper distribution policies after death. When divorcing, your prenup should be in order.

A divorce lawyer will review this document for you before submission and ensure that any potential issues with custody or property distribution are addressed ahead of time. They have all the legal knowledge required to do this task and will handle everything smoothly and efficiently.

2. Bank Statements

To complete the financial portion of your divorce, you will need to gather bank statements that show your current financial status. This includes a copy of all checks that have been written, your paycheck stubs for the last few months, and any other relevant documentation that can help you to calculate your net worth. Your financial records need to be updated and all errors and discrepancies eliminated to prevent you from losing access to your bank accounts and funds.

The good news is that divorce lawyers understand the importance of updated financial records. They'll tell you the most important documents required by the court and advise you on updating them. They may also help you gather any information required to make this process a success.

3. Proof of Your Spouse's Current Income

Most states require that you provide proof of your spouse's income to establish a fair distribution of assets. This could include a copy of your spouse's tax returns and a recent statement from their employer showing the current gross and net income. A lawyer will help you get the authority to collect these documents without getting into conflict with your spouse.  

The divorce process will require you to file many documents with the court to facilitate distribution. A divorce attorney will help you prepare all the needed documents before the court dates to boost your chances of success.

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